January 09, 2014


Blackberry is very nice mobile phone especially when it comes to surfing the internet, its speed kills. Even with a nice speed and dynamic usability, it can sometimes be very annoying when you observe some technical disabilities.

Blackberry flash lights is very useful especially at night because of it’s brightness. Most blackberry users have complained about their flash lights not going off even when they turn it off. This has been a major problem to blackberry phones over the past years.

Why Is My BlackBerry Flash Light Not Going Off?

There are 3 major reasons for this to happen:

  1. Sleeping on top of your blackberry phone: This has been very common to so many people whereby they sleep on top of their phones. This happens mostly when you are busy with your phone and suddenly slept off. Endeavor to drop your phone whenever you feel dizzy.
  2. Falling of your phone from a distant height: This can contribute greatly to the default of your blackberry flash light. Don’t let your phone get off your hands. Even if it does, let it not be from a distant height.
  3. Avoid water or moist from getting into your blackberry phone: So many blackberry users fail to do this without knowing. Imagine if you take your phone along with you to the bathroom and turn on your heater tap, you will attract moist to your blackberry phone unknowingly because the steam that came with the hot water will be accumulated in your phone. Also make sure not to let your blackberry phone drop from your hands into the water.

How Can This Affect My Blackberry Battery?

This problem does not have any effect to your blackberry battery because the said flash light is dim and not fully ON. It does not produce heat as it reflects the bulb of the flash light.

How Can I Turn Off My BlackBerry Flash Light?

Once you find this problem with your blackberry phone, just follow one of the below methods to get it fixed.

  1. Goto your phone menu, click on camera, click the menu button again and select video camera. Then press your Space Key to turn On/Off your flash light. Repeat this step for like 10 times and your flash light will be fixed.
  2. When you find this problem on your blackberry phone, don’t get worried. Just use your phone as usual but always make sure it is exposed to sunlight. Within 3 days, it will be automatically fixed.


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