January 01, 2014


Owning a website or blog is very interesting when you know your progress in it. Day by day, millions of website are being created and thus increases competition.

Research has it that owning a website is a lifetime investment, but not all website are really investment. The seriousness in your website activities makes your website stand among the crowd.

Google and others are working tirelessly to improve the activities in the internet world. Different tools are being created daily just to ease things. Thumbs up for their hard work.

Many can’t check the worth of their website in the past because it’s not possible anywhere and even if it is, it takes a lot of time to do it. I will be introducing a tool that you can use to check the worth of your website. Read below the steps to get it done.

  1. Goto www.worthofweb.com
  2. Click  “worthofweb.com/calculator” button.
  3. Type the url of the website you want to calculate in the rectangular box
  4. Click Calculate and wait for the result.


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