December 29, 2013


Most people enter into blogging without the right knowledge of blogger platform to get started in blogging. This tends to put them into risk without even knowing.

Blogger is an automated classification system which detects the spam blog posts and removes them all. You won’t want to fall into this category as to loose all your years of hard work in just one day.

Why to Download Complete Backup of your Blogger Blog

You might be wondering why you need to download a full backup of your blog. The reason is

  1. Blogger has an automated classification system which is really strict in it’s rules and if your blog is caught by it, then your blog will be deleted without any warning.
  2. If someone hacked your blogger account and deletes the whole blog of you, what will you do? You may try to contact Google to give back your account but unfortunately if you didn’t get it back, then can you tolerate to get your hard work in the Air? Hell No. So, complete backup of your blog is very necessary.

How Can I Download a Complete Backup of Blogger Blog

Put it in your mind that you will need to download two things from your blog. The first is the Template and the second thing is the Whole Content of your blog. Follow this instruction to get started. 

Download Template

ü      Goto Blogger>> Template

ü      Click On The Backup/Restore Button At The Top Right Corner.

ü      Now a Popup Will Appear Where You Can Download and Restore Your Template.
ü      Simply, Click "Download Full Template" Button.

      ü   So, Now After Downloading Template, Let's Jump To The Next Step.

Download Whole Content or Blog

ü      Go To Blogger >> Settings >> Others
ü      There You Will See "Blog Tools" Area On The Top.
ü      There Will Be "Export Blog" Button, So Click It To Export or Download Your Blog.

ü      When You Will Click The "Export Blog" Button, A Popup Will Appear Same Like As Clicking On Download/Restore Button.
ü      But Here You Can Only Download Your Blog, So Click On "Download Blog" Button.

ü   Now Wait a Bit, It Will Take Some Minutes To Download Your Complete Blog. 

NOTE: Always remember to make your backup atleast once in every week and also don’t forget to create a folder for your backup.



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Anne and Ann said...

Hello, I just followed the above instructions but now when I go to download a new photo into a new post it won't come in and a box comes up asking me if I want to open/save etc from a "renewable" download - what's that all about. Thanks very much, Anne

George Emmanuel said...

Were you able to back up your complete blog? if yes then that's Nice.
Prior to your request, always use the upload button on your dashboard whenever you are adding photos to your blog. Hope this help. Please let me know if it worked for you. Thanks

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