December 31, 2013


Looking at the past years when Airtel Telecom was introduced, they were few people that likes or even use the Network. But recently, as Airtel got involved in rendering internet services, their customers increased in a vast rate and still increasing.

Airtel has hit popularity from many African Country including Nigerian, and trust score of many of its subscribers and still counting as long as the clock ticks.

One faithful morning, Airtel shocked so many with a message sent by them that “starting from the 3rd of December, all non Black Berry devices will cease to work with BIS Plans”. So many people were not happy with this message especially the new bloggers.

The dead line has passed and it’s still blazing on non Black Berry devices with so many people re-subscribing and surfing. I even subscribe for 1+1 BIS plan not quite long. Do you think that Airtel will still fulfill their threat? Share your opinion with us.

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Anonymous said...

sure tinz

George Emmanuel said...

They might also have a change in mind.

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