October 23, 2013

How To Change Your 2go Location

Many people love to change their 2go location mostly after being on one particular location or the other, or still after a relocation of residence. 2go is a great application most especially when you can target which set/category of people you chat and discuss with. Many individuals love to chat with the nearest people and others the farthest. The below step by step instruction will show you how to successfully change your location on 2GO.

NOTE: You can only Edit/change your 2go profile such as Username, Location etc just once. So make sure you make the right decision when doing this.


Step 1
visit or from your mobile browser.
Step 2
Enter your country i.e. the country you chose when opening your 2go account probably NIGERIA. =>Select ENTER to direct you to the next page=> Select Your language(ENGLISH)
Step 3
Select GET HELP => then choose the kind/type of help you wish to get such as edit profile, change password, etc.

Step 4
Select EDIT PROFILE. This will take you to a page where you can edit both your username, location, school, first name and last name.

Then input your preferred category and choice of edit.  Which is YOUR LOCATION, Change it to your choice of STATE. After editing, click save.

NOTE: for references you can save or bookmark the page for the profile editing in case you would like to edit it later at your convenience.


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