September 20, 2013

Glo now offers the Best Blackberry Plan

Recently I made a post on how you can get Airtel Unlimited Plan. if you missed it, you can check how to activate Airtel Unlimited Bis Plan. Today, I received a message from Glo, Here is the message “Glo now offers you best value for your Blackberry Complete for just N1,000 Capped with 3GB data a month”. I guess this is amazing to all Glo users.

How do I Subscribe For Glo Blackberry Plan

  1. Load a Recharge Card of #1,000
  2. Send BBCMONTH to 777 or Dial *777*21#
  3. You will get a confirmation message from Glo
  4. Remove and re-insert your Sim back to your phone and start surfing.


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Anonymous said...

can this work on pc and symbian? If yes, how?

George Emmanuel said...

It can't work on PC and Symbian phone for now. We are currently working on it but as soon as we are done. It will be posted.

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