April 16, 2017

North Korea flashes its military muscle in parade as soldiers chant towards Kim jong-un 'we will die for you' (photos)

The North Korean government on Saturday showed the world how big its military has become as they carried out drills with thousands of soldiers marching in formation alongside tanks, balloons and enormous crowds to celebrate the country's 'day of the sun' holiday, a day set aside to mark the 1912 birth of Kim Il Sung, grandfather of Kim Jong Un and founder of North Korea.

Kim Il Sung died in 1994 after leading his country from its establishment in 1948 until his death.  He passed the leadership to his son, Kim Jong II who in turn passed it to Kim Jong Un, the current 'supreme leader' of North Korea.
Leader Kim Jong-Un, dressed in a black suit, watched the military parade pour into Kim Il-Sung Square, Pyongyang, accompanied by top military and party leaders, state television showed in a live broadcast.
According to North Korean run media, and multiple foreign media houses invited to the parade, the soldiers in their thousands could be heard chanting towards Kim Jong un 'we will die for you' as they paraded their weapons of warfare.


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