March 18, 2017

Zoo sues ad firm after their raccoon that featured in an erotic photoshoot becomes addicted to women's boobs

A Moscow zoo is suing an advertising firm after one of their rented raccoons featured in an erotic photo shoot with a topless model.
The advert sparked outrage from the private zoo called Animals Are Not Toys, in the Russian capital of Moscow.

According to the owners of the private Zoo, they said the little raccoon named Tomas was left 'traumatised' and came back with an unhealthy attraction to women’s breasts after the shoot with Moscow studio Art-Msk last year August.
They claim that the production company failed to tell them about the nature of the advert after a naked beauty blonde was seen playing with Tomas in the advert.
In a suit filed by Animals Are Not Toys who are not only suing for Tomas’ ordeal but damage to the reputation of an entire species, they are also demanding the material be removed from Art-Msk’s website.
'The plaintiff considers it unacceptable to use a raccoon in video and photographs with a naked woman.
'By photographing him with a naked woman, the defendant has caused damage to the raccoon population. Now everyone who sees this video or photographs will directly associate raccoons with erotica,' adds the document, which was filed in Moscow’s Nikolinsky district court on Tuesday.
However, Valery Bogatov, the head of Art-Msk’s video marketing department, called the zoo’s complaint 'absurd,' and said the video being shot was never meant to be erotic because it was intended for advertising on national television channels.
'The raccoon himself grabbed the actress’s bra and ran under the bed. Originally we asked for a trained animal, because raccoons are generally unmanageable. But we were given this - he was young and constantly ran away. After several takes he stole the underwear and chewed it,' he told Tabloid site Life News. 

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