March 26, 2017

Two trainee doctors in Mexico are sacked after posing with an amputated leg

Two trainee doctors with Clinica 25 in Monterrey, Mexico found themselves in hot water no thanks to their indiscretion and breach of professional ethics. One of the interns, named locally as Carolina Dominguez Garcia, 24, posted a photo of the pair with an amputated leg on Twitter alongside the message:'My first leg dad. Sorry if these images upset you.'

In reaction, authorities asked them to leave the clinic where they were based and announced they will lodge a formal complaint with the courts.

Mikel Arriola, Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, who announced their dismissal said: 'Because of two interns who posted an inappropriate photo on social media, we're not going to stop recognising that the 12,000 trainees with the Institute are a great source of pride.'

Local reports said that as well as the amputated foot, Carolina also posted a photo showing her with what appeared to be a piece of someone's stomach. University researcher, Luis Antonio Lucio Lopez said the case showed adults had failed to teach youngsters how to use new technologies responsibly.

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