March 10, 2017

Man murders his sister, injures his mother then stabs himself

A 36-year-old man killed his 33-year-old sister, critically injured his 59-year-old mother, then turned the weapon on himself.

The horrific incident happened at a high-rise flat in Wolverhampton, UK. The sister died at the scene, the man died a short while later and their mother who is in a critical condition with serious stab wounds to her abdomen has undergone surgery and is receiving further treatment at the hospital.

Police arrived the scene of the crime at about 9.45am on Wednesday after they received a call believed to be from one of the victims. They stormed the first floor of the apartment and tried to distract the armed man using a taser, but that did not work and he succeeded in attacking two officers. Stun grenades were employed afterwards and as they tried to detain him, he turned the knife on himself. One officer was injured with a knife in his arm while another was injured in his leg during the operation.

Terrified locals who witnessed the incident referred to the scene of the crime as a "war zone", what with armed officers in riot uniforms storming the place with helicopters, police dogs and air ambulances. Another described it as "something from a disaster movie". Residents had to be evacuated for a while and the nearby school was placed on lockdown, but a text message was sent to parents letting them know that the incident posed no risk to their children.

Police have not revealed the motive for the brother's irrational behaviour. The incident is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission(IPCC). The investigating officer Detective Inspector Warren Hines, said:
“We’re working hard to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. Anyone with information they believe could help our enquiry, anything that may have happened in the hours or days before this tragic event, I’d urge them to get in touch with me."

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