March 26, 2017

Italian judge sparks outrage after he clears accused rapist because his victim did not scream

A 46yr old sexual predator accused of raping a woman on a hospital bed walked free from justice as a judge acquitted him because his victim did not  did not call out for help. Although she said 'enough!' to the former colleague accused of raping her, the court ruled that this constituted too weak a reaction to prove that she was sexually attacked. Judge Diamante Minucci said:

'There was no crying, no screaming. You didn't push him away. We have to ask why?'
The alleged victim's lawyers argued that her silence represented her 'painful situation' rather than proof she had not been attacked.

The court ruling has sparked anger in Italy and justice minister Andrea Orlando has ordered an investigation. MP Annagrazia Calabria decried the ruling, saying:
'Certainly, you cannot punish the personal reaction of a woman terrified by what is happening to her.'
For his part, the defendant does not deny contact with the woman but insists their association was consensual.

Source: Dailymail

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