March 20, 2017

Graphic: Two alleged notorious land grabbers brutally murdered in Anambra State

Two men identified as Obalim Ezudu and Chief Jude Uba of Umuchegbuo kindred of Eziagulu Village Aguleri, Anambra State were brutally murdered on March 11th, over land dispute.
There are conflicting reports on what led to their gruesome death.
One report by Facebook user, Iwunze Luchi said the men

"took men of the Nigerian Police Force to arrest some land grabbers at Eziagulu over a land dispute, little did they know that not even the police scares these hoodlums. Right before the police men, these hoodlums swooped on Chief Jude and butchered him like a goat. While he was still gasping for breath, they chopped off his hands and legs as they watch him bled to death. Thereafter, they burnt his remains to ashes. The police men fled for their lives. In his attempt to escape from these barbarians, Obalim ran to the river bank, but he was unlucky.  These barbarians cut up with him and in a bid to 'punish' him for daring them, they cut open his abdomen, removed his intestine and made him watch as they do that. Obalim was still breathing when his assailants threw him into the Omabala river."
However, according to a different report by Uchenna Ana-Egbu Achalla, who commented on the Facebook post, the dead men are notorious land grabbers who use charms to seize people's lands.


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