February 24, 2017

'We should have control over who enters our house, America needs to get real about ISIS threat and accept new travel ban- White House

Dr Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant and national security advisor to U.S President Donald Trump, has warned that the US and it's citizens needs to understand the threat Isis poses to the country and speak about it as they embrace the immigration ban put forward by Donald Trump's administration if they want to defeat Isis.

Speaking on the Sean Hannity Show, Gorka argued that the only way to beat Isis was to be realistic about the enemy and accepting Trump's new travel ban.
Sean Hannity also took a dig at the former US President Barack Obama  saying he was shocked that Obama couldn’t even say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”.

Mr Gorka said:
 “The only way you can win any war Sean is when you are allowed truthfully about who the enemy is. Imagine if we are ready to storm the beaches in Normandy and the GI’s say to all the guys, okay you’re ready…  Oh by the way, when you hit the beach-head, just remember don’t say the word Nazi because you could offend a German. That’s the last eight years!” 
“We want to make our immigration policy better. What’s the logic? We just want to make them better. What is the argument against that? When you go to bed at night, do you lock the front door? If you do that, then surely the border is our front door? Surely we should have control over who enters our house, this is the house of America, to say that we don’t control it is crazy!
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