February 25, 2017

Victims of suspected murder-suicide in Hertfordshire, UK named as Nigerian man Olumide Orimoloye and wife

A couple who died from stab wounds in a suspected murder-suicide in the UK, on Sunday, February 19th, have been named by the police. Hazel Wilson-Bryant, 27, was found dead and Olumide Orimoloye, in critical condition from knife injuries on Sunday, after riot police stormed their home in Chestnut, Hertfordshire. Olumide died shortly afterwards.

Neighbours reported hearing a woman screaming for someone to call 999 and their children, a boy, 10, and a girl, 6, crying and begging their parents to stop, then a woman screaming for someone to call 999.
Piotr Ziemkiewicz, 32, a fork lift truck driver who called the police, said:
“The couple were always arguing, but this time it was on a different level. There were screams, banging and shouting and dogs barking. It was so intense that I feared someone was going to be killed. It went on for several minutes. The kids were shouting ‘stop daddy and stop mummy’ It sounded as though they were trying to break them apart.”
Armed cops carrying riot shields charged the door of the maisonette and found the pair with fatal stab wounds. Minutes earlier Ms Wilson-Bryant had been seen running terrified on to the balcony.
Neighbour James Coyne, 30, told the Hertfordshire Mercury he heard cries for help at around 1.15pm, just after showing a prospective lodger around his flat in nearby Leighton Court.
"It was shocking. I had heard arguments. The man had been aggressive and I have been worried about it before. I opened up the window to hear what was going on and then there she was in a bath robe on the balcony. She was screaming out ‘call 999’ in my direction. I realised it was pretty serious and I called 999 and they said they had already had a call,"
Paramedics were seen carrying the man after an air ambulance landed in the street outside the Hertfordshire home. A horrified onlooker said: “They spent about ten minutes trying to revive him.
"Eventually they put a sheet over him and I knew he was dead."
Speaking to the Hertfordshire Mercury, local bar manager Peter Prejna said:
"I just heard sirens and then the air ambulance landing in the road. I feel sorry for the kids. I heard there were two children in there as well. One was about six, same age as my child."
Hertfordshire Police spokesperson said on Sunday: "Police were called to Turners Hill in Cheshunt at 1.15pm today following reports of a disturbance within a property. When police arrived at the address they found a woman had been stabbed and had tragically passed away. A man was also found to be at the property with knife wounds. He also tragically passed away shortly after at the scene.
"At this early stage of the investigation, police do not currently believe they are looking for anyone else in connection with this incident. Investigations are on-going."
The force said the case has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which has launched an independent investigation.,

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