February 22, 2017

Train collision leaves more than 100 people injured in South Africa (Photos)

A collision between two trains at the Lynn Ross station in Rosslyn in Pretoria has left more than a 100 people injured.
Confirming the accident, Metrorail spokesperson, Lillian Mofokeng said that at around 6.05pm on Monday, Metrorail train 9478 traveling from Dewildt to Pretoria collided head-on with train 9457 at Lynross station‚ between Rosslyn and Medunsa stations‚ leaving more than 100 injured‚ 20 in critical condition.
She also said the exact cause of the accident is yet unknown after the two trains were seen traveling on the same track.
According to Time Lives report, those with serious injuries were transported by provincial and private emergency services to nearby hospitals in Pretoria.
However, Pretoria is no stranger to train collisions. In January 2013‚ six people were seriously injured when a train rammed into the rear of another on the Cor Delfos and Saulsville line‚ west of the city.

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