February 27, 2017

DB Exclusive: Muma Gee alleges threat to life, files for divorce from her husband Prince Eke

Singer Muma Gee has approached  a court in Port Harcourt, Rivers state to file for divorce from her husband, Prince Eke. The couple have been at loggerheads since last December when Prince Eke took to social media to hint that his marriage to Muma Gee was in trouble after he shared a photo of their three children on IG alleging that their mother had abandoned them with their nanny for four weeks(Read here).

In a chat with DB today, Muma Gee's publicist, Don Saint, confirmed to DB that she has filed for divorce at a court in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, citing domestic violence, battering, infidelity and threat to life as reasons for her request for the dissolution of her four year old marriage to the actor. Don also stated that Muma Gee last night filed a report of threat to her life at a police station in Ikeja, Lagos state after Eke shared a photo of himself, their three children and his sister with a caption which included the phrase "Rest in Peace". (Screenshot of his instagram post above). Recall that Muma Gee had recently granted an interview with Hip TV where she stated that she gave her marriage all her life, all her time, adding that if the persons involved are restless a bit, they can't be in control.

"She has already filed for divorce and she has already made a statement to the police which we did last night at a police station in Ikeja. We did that late in the night. The number one issue is based on threat to life based on Prince Eke's statement yesterday that she should prepare to rest in peace. There are some things you write on the internet which you don't know the implication. You may have a clean mind but other people may see it as a different thing"he said

According to Don, Prince Eke had requested to see his children yesterday and Muma Gee took them to him.
"According to Muma Gee, he was calling to see the kids. So yesterday, she took the kids to him and as soon as the meeting was over, he posted photos on the internet, making it look like she abandoned the kids and people were commenting"he said.

According to Don Saint, contrary to the impression Prince Eke has created online, their children have been with Muma Gee here in Lagos. He also shared photos of Muma Gee allegedly physically attacked by Prince Eke at their matrimonial home in Port Harcourt, Rivers state on November 5th last year.

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