January 11, 2017

'Russian govt has ‘compromising’ info on you including ‘claims of degrading sex acts with prostitutes in Moscow hotel’- U.S Intel warns Trump

According to a new report by CNN, U.S Intelligence officers briefed U.S President Elect Donald Trump that a British Spy has uncovered a plot by the Russian government to blackmail him once he becomes president with compromising information of him performing 'degrading sex acts' with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.

According to CNN, the top US intelligence chiefs - FBI's James Comey, NSA's Mike Rogers, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper presented a two-page synopsis on the explosive claims during their classified briefing last week on alleged Russian interference in the recently concluded presidential election.

According to the report, the Intelligence chiefs briefed Trump so he will be aware that in as much as Russia had incriminating/damaging information about Clinton and released them through Wikileaks to damage her presidential bid, they also have damaging information about him and will possibly use it when he assumes presidency and is on the negotiating table with Russian president Vladmir Putin.
The report which was reportedly obtained by a British spy according to CNN, claims Trump watched the women have sex in the same bed where President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama slept whenever they visited Russia.
The hotel room, at the posh Moscow Ritz Carlton where Trump allegedly watched the prostitutes have sex, was monitored by Soviet intelligence agencies, the CNN report alleged.

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