November 13, 2016

U.S muslim teacher told in an anonymous note to hang herself with her headscarf

Mairah Teli, a Muslim teacher at Dacula High School in Gwinnett County, the U.S. state of Georgia, received an anonymous note in her classroom, telling her that the headscarf isn't allowed anymore.

The note written in black ink, with word America at the end besides the drawing of an American flag, says that she should tie her headscarf around her neck and hang herself with it.

In her Facebook post Mairah said,
"As a Muslim, I wear a headscarf as a practice of my faith. I want to share this to raise awareness about the reality and climate of our community. Spreading hate isn't going to 'make America great again. I feel children feel safe making comments that are racist or sexist because of him," said Mariah.
The 24-year-old language teacher suspects the note was written by one of her students, adding that she feels the note is in reaction to Donald Trump's victory in the presidential race. See the note below...

Meanwhile, the concerned authorities have said they are trying to identify the person who wrote the note.

Source: The Washington Post

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