November 19, 2016

UNAIDS confirms rapid increase of HIV/AIDs infections in Uganda

Ms Amakobe Sunde, the UNAIDS country Director has confirmed the rapid increase of HIV/AIDs infections in Uganda. According Uganda Crazy Medias, she said that Uganda is losing the fight against HIV/AIDS after the latest report of 227 new infections among adolescents, 570 new infections among girls between the ages of 15-24 years and 83, 000 new cases annually.
Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday with some committee members striving so hard to restore Uganda’s pedigree as a leader in the fight against the deadly infections, Amakobe discredited the new numbers of infections.
‘I am in total disbelieve over the numbers of new infections, especially of young adolescent girls in Uganda. For a country that was hosting delegates to come and bench mark on how to tackle HIV/AIDS, your success is being tainted because of these new infections.’

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