November 13, 2016

Singer, Oritsefemi, beaten up at Quilox night club in Lagos

Singer Oritsefemi was on Friday night beaten up by bouncers at upscale Lagos night club, Quilox.
According to eyewitnesses, Oritsefemi came to the club with some of his friends to relax and sat at a section where the owner of the club, Shina Peller, and his guests were meant to sit. One of the bouncers told him that the table was reserved and he needed to leave.

Oritsefemi allegedly picked up a glass cup and smashed it on the face of the bouncer, cutting his eye. This got the other bouncers angry and they gathered force and attacked Oritsefemi. He was reportedly beaten black and blue and nearly stripped by the bouncers if not for the timely intervention of other club goers.

With blood stains all over his body, Oritsefemi was rushed to Healing Stripes hospital in Victoria Island, same place the bouncer he allegedly attacked was rushed to. The police was later invited to maintain law and order.

 Watch a clip from the scene below..

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