November 15, 2016

Politician assault former party secretary after they both appeared in a TV show (Photo)

Elimby Lobe who was the former communication secretary of Social Democratic Front in Cameroon was assaulted after making an appearance at Canal 2 TV for a debate. According to Cameroon Concord, Elimby who had only resigned from the SDF last week after accusing the party of being severely damaged on moral plans and internally lacking on the administrative plans was pounced on by SDF activist Carlos Ngoaulem after they came head to head in the Canal 2 TV’s discussion forum on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

Narrating the ugly scene, Elimby Lobe who is presently living in fear following  his resignation said:
‘At the end of the show, Ngoualem approached me and gave me a blow in the face, specifically to my nose, causing me to bleed. This is how one day an activist of the SDF in Yaoundé was killed in the premises of the SDF, a certain DIBOULE.’
However, with the circumstances which instigated the assault not fully revealed, it’s yet be known if Elimby Lobe will be pressing charges.

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