November 22, 2016

Photo: Six members of a family killed in auto crash laid to rest

Six members of a family, who were killed when a taxi crashed into the back of a truck, on Saturday, November 19th, near Hammanskraa, South Africa, have been laid to rest.
However,that wasn't the only tragedy. The Izinyoka's family lost a 10- year old relative last Wednesday. Jimmy Tshabalala touched an electricity cable at their home in Damonsville and was electrocuted to death. The boy was buried on Friday. A cousin, Eliot Tshabalala, told Daily Sun he was supposed to be in the taxi but he didn’t go.

"I couldn’t believe it when I received the news that my sisters and brothers died," he said. "We are still in shock. This is so painful."
For years the family have been going to a family gathering once a month. As always, they travelled to Bela Bela, Limpopo from Jakkalasdans, Winterveld in Tshwane.
But on the way back tragedy struck.
Samuel Tshabalala, Elizabeth Khoza, Sello Molosi, Raymond Mashego, Simon Molosi, Tsakane Shilalume died after their taxi drove into a truck near Hammanskraal. All six died at once.
"We did not even know where to start, but the people came through for us," Eliot said.
During a mass funeral held in Jakkaisdans, North West, family member Lahle Tshabalala said they are still devastated.
"We all know that people die, but when they all go at the same time it becomes unbearable," he said. "We just buried our child on Friday and now we are burying six other people. This is so sad."
Source: Daily Sun SA

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