November 13, 2016

Investigations about some of the wave of Trump-inspired ‘hate crimes' revealed

Several events have been popping up, mainly on Facebook or Twitter on Trump-inspired hate crimes. One of the stories that went vial and spread by writer Sarah Harvard. The story, sourced from her “friend’s sister,” was eventually responded to by campus police at the university where it allegedly occurred, after going viral.

According to the Daily Caller: A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette admitted to fabricating an alleged attack by Donald Trump supporters Wednesday, in the wake of his shocking electoral victory. A currently unnamed woman called Lafayette police Wednesday claiming that two men had attacked her, screaming racial slurs and stealing both her wallet and the hijab she was wearing. The woman also said she was knocked to the ground by “something metal.”
According to the woman, both of her attackers were white men, and one was wearing a Donald Trump hat. She said the attack happened around 11 am, with her two attackers jumping out of a sedan to attack her without provocation. The attack was quickly picked up by regional and national media sources, and was condemned by the Louisiana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
Another one that went viral was this one by Ashley Boyer
The Smyrna Police Dept that she allegedly reported the incident to took to their Facebook to deny she made any report to them. They wrote:

Her post has since been deleted from Facebook.

Source: BTB, / Daily Caller

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