November 24, 2016

Gov. Ambode inaugurate Board of Neighborhood Safety Corp Agency (Photos)

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday inaugurated the Board of Neighborhood Safety Corp Agency, in a bid to combat crime and all forms of criminality in the Neighborhood. With the high records of crime in Lagos State, the community policy will be assisting the law enforcement agencies in safe guarding the communities through community policing, to assure the safety of lives and properties in the Neighborhood.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony held at Lagos House today, the governor gave his reasons for taking the beneficial step.
‘You will agree with me that the Police and indeed all other security forces within the State and even the country at large are quite stretched, and some form of ‘community’ or ‘local policing’ is required to boost and support the great job the Nigeria Police is presently doing.
‘The creation of this Agency marks another step towards ensuring the protection of lives and properties at the grass root level. Corp members recruited by the Agency are meant to interact with the people at the communities. It is expected that with the visible presence of the Corp members within a particular community, the likelihood of crime will be drastically reduced.’

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