November 19, 2016

Georgina Onuoha pours encomium on daughter as she makes her proud in school (Photos)

Every parent is proud when their child excels at school, Georgina Onuoha is not left out as she took to her Instagram page to rain praises on her daughter who just became an honour roll student in her school. Read what she wrote after the cut...

"The glee on her face says it all 
So proud of you my Adamazi
Your sleepless nights of study, your amazing spirit of getting things done
Even midnights I hear sounds coming from your room, I come in and always find you solving your math problems or reading your Greek mythology tirelessly.  
Thanks my nerd and social bird for making us proud. 
You are my pride and I pray that almighty God will continue to bless, keep and watch over you. He will continue to give you his wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 
Thanks for having a kind heart and laughters that are so infectious.
I love you child of mine. 
I'm a proud mom of an Honor Roll Student. Greater you I pray child. You will break boundaries and no evil shall come near you in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen. 
Congrats Chigozie MaryAnne Nicole Igwegbe"
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