November 26, 2016

China releases its version of Mad Max

You know what it means when it is said something is made in China and the Chinese are at it again. The Asian nation has released its version of highly successful Hollywood hit, Mad Max. The Chinese version is called Mad Sheila and that's not where the similarities end, the film's trailer also shows how scenes clearly resemble the Hollywood version, featuring desert wastelands and high speed car chases set to loud rock music.
The studio behind the film is Beijing-based New Film Media. Earlier this year, Walt Disney took three Chinese film companies to court over concerns the film 'The Autobots' was a rip-off of hit movie 'Cars'. 'The Autobots' drew ire in China when it was released last year, with some pointing out similarities with Disney's 2006 film 'Cars' starring Owen Wilson and its sequel in 2011.
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