November 24, 2016

Check out this restaurant that has no menu price and customers pay any amount they want

A restaurant in New Mexico, America called Karma Cafe gives customers the freedom to set prices, diners can just walk in, have a meal and pay whatever they feel like. David Wade McCullough who own the restaurant says he was inspired to open the restaurant by the philosophy of an eatery he encountered with a similar model in Australia.

"The restaurant operated on a 'pay as you feel' model," he said.
McCullough's restaurant initially started as a pop up food stand and three years later, he was able to upgrade it, thanks to hard work and a crowd funding campaign.

McCullough said he's found that most customers are more than willing to pay fair prices. H said:
"Most people are fair and honest and want to contribute." "Even if people are say..homeless or struggling, they still want to contribute or pay what they can."
McCullough said making money from the restaurant is secondary to his main purpose:
"Giving people a place, a safe place where they can come and have something to eat."
What do you think of this business model, can it work in our country

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