November 20, 2016

Airline traveller shares pic of cockroach he claims he found in his meal

A Boston-based vegan journalist Rahul Raghuvanshi, claims he found a cockroach in his meal while on a flight to Chicago from the Indian city of Hyderabad. He tweeted a pic of the disgusting find along with the caption: 'Air India now serves cockroach for vegetarian meals on AI127 #sicktomystomach #traumatized #cockroachinfood.'
Mr Raghuvanshi told MailOnline:
'I ate half of it. I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything after I found the roach in my food. I was so nauseous.
'People around me were extremely grossed out. A guy sitting nearby also threw up after he saw it. In fact, one of the cabin crew members said he couldn't eat anything either after he came over and saw what I was served.' 
Air India tweeted an apology and its head of corporate communications Dhananjay Kumar said:
'Air India took serious note of the incident and issued notice to the caterer concerned immediately. Further investigation is going on.'

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